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Intensive hydration serum that deeply hydrates, plumps up the skin, and helps balance the skin's sebum level.

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Barrier Defender

Lightweight moisturizer-slash-serum that helps to repair and strengthen the skin barrier.

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Gentler Cleanser

Gentle gel cleanser that cleans without stripping the skins' natural oils excessively.

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Real feedback from real people

The Barrier Defender is one of my top choices for a daytime moisturizer. My skin always looks and feels great with this moisturizer :)

Sharon, Skincare Aficionado. @sashimiskincare

I love the Barrier Defender. It's so soft and airy! What I like most is that it’s not sticky and acts perfectly as a make-up base as I wear decorative cosmetics daily.

Olivia, TV Journalist at CNA. @olivia_marzuki

I really like the Gentler Cleanser! It feels like it cleans my skin well after a full day of activities without drying my skin out.

Mellisa, Entrepreneur, Food Curator & Restaurant Conceptor. @mellisas.winata

The Gentler Cleanser's texture feels really nice and soft. I do need to double cleanse to clean out make-up and heavy-duty sunscreen though.

Dwiana, Entrepreneur, Certified Marriage Facilitator & Wedding Planner @dwianawahyudi

I am often out in nature and factories. I always on the look for efficient products to protect my skin. I found the answer to my situation in Gentler Cleanser and Barrier Defender.

Pun, Engineer, Avid Backpacker & Travel Book Author. @punpuapipat

I have a busy schedule and often don't have enough time for skincare. Barrier Defender is a game changer for me.

Inge, Techy with a mission to live life to the fullest. @inge.kosasih
Angry skin?

If your skin is sensitized, prone to an outbreak, flushing, itchy, and stinging sensation, or just plain angry all the time, it could be sign of damaged skin barrier.

Follow these simple steps to help your barrier recover and get that healthy skin.

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