Aqualibrium - How To Use

Pairing Aqualibrium

Aqualibrium provides intensive hydration in a weightless and non-tacky texture.

It sits perfectly in the hydration step of your skincare routine and can be used as a toner replacement. You can easily layer it with any other steps in your routine.

It is best to layer it with a moisturizer or sunscreen (at daytime) as the last step in your routine to lock in the hydration as Aqualibrium does not contain any emollients or occlusives.

If you have oily skin, you might be able to use Aqualibrium as a moisturizer replacement. Listen to your skin and look for signs of dryness and dehydration if you opt to skip the moisturizer.


Apply 1 pump (or as needed) on clean skin. Suitable for daily use, day and nighttime. At daytime, follow with sunscreen as the last step.