Our philosophy

5 to 5 was created with a mission to be a science-based and environmentally conscious skincare brand, that puts our customers' unique skin needs first.

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At 5 to 5, it is all about you

Everyone’s skin is unique. There is no one-size-fit-all formula and we can’t possibly make a product that suits everyone.

By acknowledging this fact we believe we can serve you better.

Each of our products is targeted for specific needs and we are constantly working to develop and improve our products to help YOU find solutions for YOUR needs.

We are not promising an instant result here, but we want to be your partner in your skincare journey.

At 5 To 5 there is no must dos, no miracle cure, no fear-mongering, and no greenwashing. It is all about YOU.

About our products

We create skincare with balanced formulation that is gentle, safe, effective, and are targeted for specific needs.

Balancing act

As with many things in life, we believe the key to achieve that healthy and glowing skin is all about BALANCE.

It should not be about having a product with the highest amount of actives, or the most natural ingredients, or the cleanest.

It should be about what the right BALANCE for you is.

Our products are formulated by experienced scientists with a blend of tried-and-tested actives in the right concentration and curated natural ingredients. All to create skincare that is gentle, effective, and is targeted for your specific needs.

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Who are we?

Meet the faces behind 5 to 5


Nico is the co-founder of 5 To 5 and he is passionate about anything skincare.

His mission is to make gentle, safe, effective, and sustainable skincare products accessible to everyone, minus the hype, fear-mongering, and green-washing.

Nico spends a lot of time reading scientific journals, works of literature on skincare, and discussing with experts.

In his previous life, Nico worked in the finance industry for 10 years in various capacities.

Nico has oily but prone to dehydration skin.

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Selvie is the co-founder of 5 to 5 and is an active consumer of skincare products.

Selvie loves nature and believes in the power of natural ingredients. She is in constant quest to look for gentle and safe natural ingredients that work and are effective in addressing skin concerns.

At the same time, she also appreciates scientific advancement and seeks to find beauty in the combined approach of nature and science in her skincare regime.

Selvie is an equity analyst in one of the global banks and leads a very active lifestyle. She often finds it difficult to set aside time for a multi-step skincare routine.

Selvie believes that the skincare journey could be very personal and has had her own share of ups and downs in her journey.

Founders' story

Watch our co-founders explain the philosophy behind 5 To 5 in this 3 minutes video.